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The Cooperative Enterprise Solid’Action Ltd, is an international solidary cooperative, which aim is to contribute to the sustainable and solidary development of the Earth through international cooperation.

The cooperative connects volunteers and responsible and solidary travellers with clearly identified local partners.

They share and exchange their skills, experience, know-how and culture in both respect and ethics.

The purpose is to allow everyone to actively participate to the decrease of disparities and support the actions of sustainable development of the Associations and Communities in Developing Countries through Training, Consulting and Support, Volunteering Missions and Solidary Travels.

We promote sustainable and solidary development where the population is an actively involved key player in the projects and actions that concern them.

Whatever your profile, if you want to get involved and take action, Solid'Action will advise you and help you find an adequate device to satisfy your will of commitment and meet the needs of our local partners.

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Burkina Faso



Diagnostic mission is planned in october in India

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